Desire to alleviate pain and other health conditions in Greenville SC

Chiropractic Greenville SC Back Pain Woman With Neck And Back Pain

Most people seek out a Greenville SC chiropractor to alleviate pain issues or health conditions that are negatively impacting the quality of their life.

Many people call our office with concerns about:

Whether the issues you are concerned about are chronic or a more recent, it is important to understand that these symptoms are your body’s signal to you that there is an underlying problem.

Your Symptoms Are Like A Smoke Detector:

  • Smoke detectors are loud and annoying, just like your symptoms
  • Smoke detectors are not the problem, just like your symptoms
  • Something has triggered the smoke detector, just like your symptoms
  • Focusing on the smoke detector makes no sense, just like focusing on your symptoms
  • Looking for the reason your smoke detector triggered in the first place makes much more sense, just like it does with your symptoms.

Shouldn't You Start Looking For the Fire Instead Of Staring At The Smoke Detector?

The “fire” in your body is often spinal bones that are misaligned and locked out of place, called Vertebral Subluxation. This alters nerve function and can cause many different types of symptoms. In fact, the worst symptom of all is no symptom, because you don’t even know it is happening until it is too late.

Our Chiropractic Approach In Greenville SC Is Different

Rather than suppress the symptoms, we look at every spinal bone to make sure it is moving freely and not interfering with the information transmitted over the nervous system.

When we take care of the fire, then your “smoke detector” will stop sounding.


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