Vertebral Subluxation Explained in Greenville SC

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What is a Vertebral Subluxation?

Vertebral Subluxation (Subluxation for short) in Greenville SC is a condition in which one or more spinal bones (vertebra) misalign, lock out of place, and alter nerve flow (information transmitted over the nervous system). This most often occurs in the neck, lower back, or in the tailbone/hips. Subluxation not only obstructs nerve flow through your spinal cord or spinal nerve roots, but Subluxation also causes disc degeneration, bones spurs, and changes in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the affected area.

Information transmitted over the nervous system is required for all areas of your body to function properly. So when the spinal bones misalign and lock out of place, altering nerve flow (i.e. Vertebral Subluxation), not only is the spine and surrounding area affected, but other areas of your body will malfunction as well. This is because all areas of your body require proper nerve flow in order to work. Any disruption or obstruction in nerve flow, due to Vertebral Subluxation, will cause malfunction with whatever affected organ or gland is at the end of that nerve.

People often associate Subluxation with neck/back pain, or “pinched nerves”. Although that can sometimes be the case, pain happens only in the minority of cases. In its early stages, Vertebral Subluxations will not cause any back pain at all. You can have no back pain but have a malfunction in other areas of your body due to the disruption of nerve flow caused by the Vertebral Subluxation. In these cases, people do not think of the Subluxation as the cause of the decreased or altered function they are experiencing. This is because they do feel the connection between the spine and the area of the body that is malfunctioning.

What Causes Vertebral Subluxation in Greenville SC?

The bones in your spine come together at two small joints and a spinal disc, which all keep the spine lined up while still allowing each spinal bone to independently move. Subluxation is caused by a shift in the alignment of one or more of these small joints or spinal discs that allows for the spinal bones to move out of alignment and lock in that misaligned position.

Subluxation may be caused by any number of traumas or stressors that we all experience throughout our lives. Three of the most common are:

  • Physical Trauma: both big – motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, sporting injuries, birth, etc., and small – repetitive moments, poor work ergonomics, smartphones, the crossing of the legs when sitting, etc.
  • Emotional Stress: can often cause tightening of the muscles which pulls the spine out of its proper alignment.
  • Chemical Stress: is more of a factor today than ever before. So many of the medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, adversely affect your nervous system.

Subluxation can affect children (birth process, falling while playing and walking, emotional stress, etc.) and teens (sports, motor vehicle accidents, poor posture due to smartphones and laptops, etc.). Adults can develop Subluxation for all the same reasons children and teens do, but also because of ongoing wear and tear on their back which leads to spinal bones misaligning and getting locked out of place.

Vertebral Subluxation Assessment And Correction

Dr. Auger will feel your spine to see if there are any noticeable misalignments or lack of proper spinal motion. If he detects any, then X-rays will be taken of your spine to determine how much misalignment and lack of motion exists, and how much damage those Subluxations have caused. An appropriate protocol of correcting Subluxations will be recommended, which includes a series of spinal adjustments over time, complemented by muscle re-education and lifestyle changes.

If you want to know if vertebral subluxation is robbing you of your quality of life, then contact us today to schedule a New Patient appointment.


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