Chiropractic Testimonials

"It is amazing how you can begin to alter your life around pain. I thought this was just my new normal until I started seeing Dr. Auger. I can walk, stand and dance again with no pain. Chiropractic Care is a part of life that helps me in soooooo many ways. I LOVE THE ENTIRE STAFF."

- Alicia Maingot

"After I was rear-ended, I was left aching and my neck and back muscles were stiff. After my first care, I noticed immediate improvement. After each adjustment, I still notice an improvement. I am back on track to feeling like my regular self again!"

- Landon Gealy

"The entire staff is so wonderful! They take the extra time to know you as a person and a patient. After just a few weeks of appointments, my back and neck pain has significantly reduced. I fully trust Dr. Auger and his staff to make the best decisions for my care."

- Samantha Kelly

"Dr. Auger's office is friendly and inviting. All of the staff members know me by name and take a personal interest in my health and well-being. When I first entered Dr. Auger's office, I had constant almost debilitating pain; I couldn't walk up a set of stairs without pain, but now I'm feeling so much better and it's thanks to Dr. Auger."

- Kathleen Coyle

"Wow! After only a few adjustments, I am off Advil for back pain and off Rx for IBS. Dr. Auger and his staff are very caring and make you a part of the family. So I tell all my friends run to this practice- don’t put off good health."

- Laura Chapman

"Dr. Auger has helped me tremendously with the health of my back. I came to him in great pain after injuring my back and was unable to move much and could not sleep in my bed. I now can move around and am back to sleeping in my bed and am getting good rest! Dr. Auger and his staff are very welcoming and concerned for the well-being of their clients."

- Susan Holliday

"Dr. Auger and his crew are THE BEST!! So kind, so friendly so informative and probably the most personable doctors practice I’ve ever been to. They really do show Gods love to their patients and care about the quality of care that they give to their patients. My sister referred me and a good family friend referred my sister. My spine is in better shape now and getting better every day because of the healing power of God at work through these awesome people. #Blessed If you need chiropractic, which most of us do, this is where you should go!!"

- Keaton Hinze “WhatTheFinTV”

"I love Dr. G as a chiropractor and as a person. My visits with him have literally been life changing. After a bad fall, I went from being in severe pain and unable to stand for more than 5 minutes without pain to being virtually pain-free, able to stand for extended periods and able to be active again."

- Monique Brockington

"Dr. Auger is the best chiropractor in Greenville SC. He takes his time with each patient to make sure they get the care they need. He has helped me get rid of my daily headaches and improved my overall health. His staff are just as friendly and caring as well!"

- Sandra Long

"Dr. Auger is an excellent chiropractor with almost 30 years of experience. When I started care here, I was having a lot of neck and low back pain. Within just a couple months of starting care, I now have almost no back pain at all. Dr. Auger taught me that this pain was caused by subluxations in my spine. This means that the nerves in my spine were being "pinched", preventing my brain from communicating correctly with my body. Now I have no pain and better health overall."

- Ryan Masters

"In February of 2016, as a soon to be 60 year old elementary music teacher, my entire body constantly ached to the point that simply taking a step sent waves of pain throughout my body. I thought to myself that being 60 shouldn't feel so old! I self-diagnosed myself as having fibromyalgia. I knew of friends diagnosed with fibromyalgia whose pain never seemed to stop, even with the prescribed medication, and I dreaded the thought of dealing with this pain for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I heard an advertisement for Auger Family Chiropractic on His Radio, WLFJ. Instead of making an appointment with my personal physician, I decided consult with Dr. Auger. This decision is near the top of the list of best decisions I've ever made! After just a few visits, I noticed significant improvement. Following the personal plan Dr. Auger made for me, I improved so much that my visits dropped from 3 days a week to twice a month. Today, instead of being a 63 year old who feels like I'm 90, I'm a 63 year old who feels like I'm 40!"

- Becky Kirby

"My son started going to Dr. Auger at 6 months old for ear infections and has routinely seen him for the past two years. I am also now a patient and have seen positive results in my overall health! Very grateful for Dr. Auger and his team!"

- Catherine Jordan

"I highly recommend Auger Family Chiropractic! Shortly after my arrival in Greenville, SC, to help family during a difficult end-of-life situation, I found myself in emergency need of a chiropractor. Dr. Auger was recommended and I am forever grateful that I followed this recommendation. The staff provides a warm, helpful welcome, and Dr. Auger is simply TOP! He knows his business: I felt he heard me, he saw, felt and understood what was happening and what it was linked to. Overall, I consulted him 3 times, and each visit was a real relief of healing: body, mind and spirit. I look forward to returning to Greenville not just for a family visit, but also for a Auger chiropractic visit!"

- E. Cuny


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