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Chiropractic Greenville SC Chiropractic Care For Athletic Performance

Athletes have been benefiting from Greenville SC Chiropractic care for many years.

Athletes Of All Kinds Benefit From Greenville SC Chiropractic Care

Athletes of all types, from the weekend warrior to the world-class athlete, utilize a Chiropractor because it is a drug-free way to better health and better athletic performance. Chiropractic care has been shown to increase hand-eye coordination, stamina, and reaction time, as well as decrease recovery time, healing time, and the rate of injury for the athlete. This includes sports like baseball, basketball, football, golf, pickleball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and volleyball.

  • Chiropractic adjustments help ensure that the body functions as efficiently as possible including maximizing healing and recovery from all types of injuries.
  • “I would estimate that at least 90% of world-class athletes use a Chiropractor on a regular basis to prevent injuries and to improve their performance.” Sean Atkins, Ph.D., Exercise Physiologist

The science of Chiropractic is founded on the physiological fact that a proper nerve supply is essential to controlling and regulating the functioning of the human body.

  • The central nervous system controls every activity in the body by sending and receiving nerve messages and is protected by the bones of the spine called vertebrae.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I detect and correct these misalignments of the spine, called Vertebral Subluxations, by physically adjusting the spine. This restores the spine and nervous system to a more optimal level of function, which maximizes the body’s performance and healing potential.

Almost all professional athletes, Olympic athletes, as well as most collegiate programs have chiropractors on their healthcare teams. Personally, I played college football and after my collegiate career I played basketball until my early 40s, and now play golf and competitive tennis. I can testify that if it was not for chiropractic, I would not be able to perform athletically the way I can today!

If you are athletic and want to improve your athletic performance, you can certainly benefit from regular Chiropractic checkups to ensure that your spinal column is brought into balance and alignment.

Maximizing your body’s nervous system & biomechanics = better athletic performance in your sport!


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