Chiropractic Can Help Support Your Immune System in Greenville SC

Chiropractic Can Help Support Your Immune System in Greenville SC

Chiropractic Greenville SC Immune System

Staying healthy in Greenville SC—especially during flu season but also any time of the year—is a challenging but worthwhile task. After all, to live your best life, your body must be running at peak performance!

Many health-conscious people know that the best way to fight off illness is to boost their immune system.

The immune system is a network of cells and tissues that protects the body from foreign invaders. If your immune system isn't working properly, you are more susceptible to invasion from bacteria and viruses.

Can Chiropractic Help Support Your Immune Function in Greenville SC?

Thankfully, chiropractic can positively support your body’s immune function and help you fight off both bacterial and viral infections!!

To show you how a chiropractor can help support your immune system, we need to discuss the relationship between chiropractic care, the nervous system, and immune function.

First, let’s look at some history.

The 1918 Influenza Outbreak

The 1918 influenza outbreak is a timeless example of the relationship between chiropractic care and the immune response.

In October of 1918, 195,000 Americans died due to the rapidly spreading flu virus. This illness was devastating. It felt as if there was no real way to combat the spread of the virus, much like we feel in 2020 with the Coronavirus pandemic.

And yet, there was a small percentage of the American population that wasn’t getting sick at the same rate as the rest of the population. Naturally, this drew the attention of many across the nation.

How were these people not getting sick?

While the 1918 pandemic spread, chiropractors across the United States focused their attention on providing spinal adjustments that kept the nervous system healthy!

How Chiropractic Helps Support Your Immune Response

In order to understand the relationship between chiropractic and your immune system, you first must understand how your body is wired. The brain controls and coordinates every function that your body performs.

The brain, which is encased in the skull, must have a way to communicate with the body in order to control the body’s functions. This is where the nervous system comes into play. It is the nervous system that carries information to and from the brain which allows for the brain to control function, even the function of your immune system.

It just so happens that approximately 90% of the central nervous system travels down and in-between the spinal bones, called vertebrae. Spinal alignment can either allow for information to be transmitted without interference (proper alignment and motion) or disrupt information transmission (misalignment and restricted motion). When the spinal bones misalign and get locked out of place, this is commonly known as Vertebral Subluxation.

Chiropractic doctors are the only healthcare professionals who are trained and licensed to detect and correct Vertebral Subluxations.

Chiropractors use a gentle procedure known as a chiropractic adjustment to help the body realign the spinal bones and allow for proper transmission of information over the nervous system. This, in turn, allows all the systems of the body to run more effectively and efficiently, including your immune system. Although proper immune function is essential to a healthy life, these statements do not suggest that chiropractic care treats, prevents, or mitigates COVID19 or Influenza. Chiropractic care improves nervous system function, which in turn can positively impact the function of the immune system.

Get Evaluated by a Chiropractor

To know if you have Vertebral Subluxation affecting the functioning of your body, get checked by your local chiropractor. They will perform a thorough spine and nervous system evaluation and if the results do indicate Vertebral Subluxation, then a better life with a better functioning immune system is possible.

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