A Painful Shot Across The Bow in Greenville SC

A Painful Shot Across The Bow in Greenville SC

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The four most dangerous words a person can say when it comes to their health are, “It will go away.” How many times do you feel something is wrong or different with your body and hope that it will just go away? You aren’t sure what it is, but you know it’s not normal, and yet you play the waiting game hoping that it will resolve. As a Greenville SC Chiropractor, I see this day in and day out when it comes to a person’s back.

Reading the Warning Signs

People get a “catch” in their back or their back “gives way” for a second, and then they feel normal again. Maybe they feel a sharp pain or tingling, but then it disappears. What the body is doing is giving you a “shot across the bow” to warn you that something is not quite right. It is at this point that you have a choice, ignore the warning because it went away, or heed the warning now before more damage is done.

Heeding the Warning Signs

What most people do not realize is that the body continually adapts to both its internal and external environment. External adaptation is easy to understand and see. One example is sweating during a hot summer day. The body adapts to the heat by causing you to sweat to cool yourself off. Internal adaptation is not as obvious.

Let’s say that your spine has been slowly shifting out of alignment over a long period of time. The muscles that support your spine have been adapting. Some muscles have been stretching while other muscles are over contracting to compensate, which may be causing you neck pain. At some point, you stress yourself physically, and you get a muscle “catch.” What happened? Due to the slow, but progressive shift of the spine out of alignment, and the damage that has also occurred, the physical stress pushed you over the threshold, and you felt it, even if it was just for a second. Your body just told you something is not right. Will you listen to the warning? That is the question.

Understanding the Impact

You may be thinking, “So what if my spine is out of alignment?” A spine that misaligns (Subluxation) does not move correctly. This lack of movement damages the spinal bones, spinal discs, and most importantly the spinal cord and nerves. It is the spinal cord and nerves that carry all the vital information that the body needs to function. Heart function depends on these nerve impulses. Intestinal function depends on these nerve impulses. Lung function depends on these vital nerve impulses. Every function depends on these nerve impulses. A misaligned spine may hurt or cause a symptom for a split second, but the effects of a misaligned spine can be devastating and affect you for a lifetime.

If you are experiencing any of these or other warning signs and need a chiropractor in Greenville SC or the surrounding area, we’d be happy to meet you and help assess your symptoms. You can easily and affordably schedule an appointment with us today.


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